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Joy Rebellion is a brand created by a joyful rebel herself, Courtney Anixter Golding. 


This fresh line of unique products compliments her original and bold style. She refuses to conform to the norm. Courtney prefers being different and standing out from the crowd. Her designs reflect her true nature and desire to fashion her own vibe.


Her motto: A little rebellion never hurt anyone. 


Courtney is a seasoned entrepreneur, beginning with working at her family’s wire and cable business for over a decade. In 2015, she fittingly headed her own way and developed Consult Courtney, a one-stop shop for any professional ghostwriting needs. In 2019, Courtney became a best selling published author for her debut book, The ABC’s of a Badass Bitch.


Courtney is a Chicago native and pop culture junkie. Her five nephews are her favorite people on the planet. Additionally, she is a carb supporter and Jennifer Aniston obsessed. She is not a morning person, doesn’t drink coffee, and loves genuine folk.

Courtney currently resides with her incredibly supportive husband/unpaid intern.

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