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Custom denim pouch! You'll be obsessed! Comes in three sizes! Use it for lipstick, keys, lip balm, etc. You can throw it in your purse and start your day! Medium and large sizes have an interior zipper for extra storage. They are awesome for the gym, travel, or organization. Personalize with your intials, favorite patches, or anything you want! All bags have a waterproof inside. (See "Shop Patches" for options.)

ALL products listed and photos ARE NOT Licensed and ARE NOT affiliated with any Brand or Fashion House.

Denim Cosmetic Bag (3 Sizes)

  • Small:  6" x  2"  x  4.5"

    Medium:  8" x  2.5"  x  6"

    Large:  11"  x  3"  x  8"

  • Machine washable. Delicate cycle. Cold.

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