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Safety Sets are necessary for navigating these challenging times! Personalize your pouch and your mask! Never leave home without your custom set! Interior zipper for gloves and other items! (See "Shop Patches" for options.) Adult Set (includes):* 1 Denim Pouch* 1 100% cotton Mask* 1 Sanitizer * 1 Safety's Key Touchless Keychain (Tie-Dye, Leopard, Pink Leopard, Black, Silver, Gold) Kid Set (includes):* 1 Denim Pouch* 1 100% cotton Mask (2 Sizes: ages 3-6 and ages 7-13)* 1 Sanitizer * 1 Detox Dough (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow)

ALL products listed and photos ARE NOT Licensed and ARE NOT affiliated with any Brand or Fashion House.

Safety Sets

  • All bags and masks are machine washable. Delicate cycle. Cold.

  • Medium:  8" x  2.5"  x  6"

    Large:  11"  x  3"  x  8"

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